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A solution to the stolen imperium dilemma

Discussion in 'Technical - Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Spawn, May 16, 2022.


Is this a good solution?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2022.
  1. Yeah, everybody happy, Mindark has done similar changes in the past

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  2. No, because (explain in the thread)

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  1. Spawn
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    Jan 2, 2012
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    The Ministry
    Once there was a turn in possibility to upgrade stolen imperium to improved imperium.
    Cyrene devs have said to be in contact with Mindark to get it solved.
    How about this:

    Stolen imperium armor holders get their armor changed into adjusted imperium armor. Besides that the color of the adjusted imperium armor changes to the color of Stolen imperium for holders of stolen imperium.
    Stolen imperium has the same defensive stats as Adjusted Imperium, apart from the buff.
    This way the holders of stolen imperium can participate in the upgrade process. Besides that, the HODLed resources can finally go back to the loot pool.

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