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An Idea for an upgrade path for clubs

Discussion in 'Technical - Suggestions and Bug Reports' started by Spawn, May 19, 2022.

  1. Spawn
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    Spawn Active Member

    Jan 2, 2012
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    The Ministry
    Cyrene currently has 5 clubs that can be looted/crafted/mission

    Maze Hammer with 2 dps
    Redstar Smasher Alpha (L)2.2 dps
    B.E. Redstar Smasher (L) 3.8 dps
    [​IMG]Zyn'kimbro Fishing Spear 5.1 dps
    Redstar Smasher Gamma (L)

    If you want to use clubs as your main weapon you are a bit fuxored. Some old calypso clubs that could be crafted no longer drop certain ingredients, prices are sky high for the higher end clubs. A lot of gaps in the upgrade path, having to use the same club for a long time, even when your skill is already much higher.

    I propose an upgrade path for both the maze hammer and the fishing spear.
    For the maze hammer an upgrade path to the Hammer MK V to 15 dps for the end hammer
    and the fishing spea an upgrade path to the fishing spear MK V to 30 dps for the end hammer.. (Next in line would be the castorian mace mk 1 with 32 dps)

    example upgrade path
    Maze hammer:
    You give your wolpertinger pet, 10 tamed arrets and your full tt maze hammer to the first arc vendor in the hub (200 arc badges entry requirement) and you receive the Hammer MK.2, a 4 dps club

    Next up is you collect some resources that currently aren't used in anything yet, like 1000 pleak wings, 50 horns, 10 tamed paneleons and 100k shrapnel to the second vendor (500 arc badges entry requirement) and you get the Hammer MK.3 an 8 dps club.

    for the third stage you collect more resources and 10 tamed mang chang and 10 tamed rhino beetle and 300k shrapnel and you get the Hammer MK.4 a 12 dps club from the third arc vendor in the hub

    for the last stage, even more resources and a pristine part for the Hammer MK.5 a 15 dps club from the fourth vendor in the hub

    Same method for the fishing spear, and you have a nice upgrade path from scratch to the castorian mace mk.1 and a good reason for many players to do more missions on Cyrene.
  2. Kris | Cyrene
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    Nov 14, 2011
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    Chiang Mai, Thailand // Orange County, CA
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    I'll talk internally with the team and see if we can move forward with this.
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