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Content Suggestion: A Noob Avatar Perspective!

Discussion in 'Developer's Corner' started by Ricky Rikken, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Ricky Rikken
    • Cyrene Pioneer

    Ricky Rikken New Member

    Jun 9, 2015
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    So......allow me to indulge a bit, and maybe the DEVS might see an opportunity, who knows?

    When I first started in EU, I did so for one MAJOR reason, "sandbox"! I had grown tired of linear video games and story lines that meant nothing to me after awhile and I found the need to explore, unfettered, to see what I could find and do. This "need" is what brought me to EU and I love it! Love the environments, love the community atmosphere, hate space pirates with a passion and so much more..... HOWEVER! I feel that one area of the game is being ignored that could have some major entertainment value to players and developers alike and that is the planets oceans!

    So I was thinking while shooting Hack fin for Long John, Why do I not need to come up for air? Does my Avatar some how have gills? Does my armor face mask have a built in re-breather? Why can I not buy UL or even L scuba gear (fins!, Face mask!, Tanks!, etc...) Think for a moment a scenario I have played in my head:

    Log on to EU

    Depo $50 USD

    Go to TT to buy Oxygen Cells so I can breathe underwater AND Oceanic Mining Depth Charges!

    TT also provides (L, WO) scuba gear: Fins, Dive mask, Dive Tank or Tanks, Dive watch, Dive compass, Depth watch, BCD vest, Oxygen Regulator, Dive knife, Dive Bag (for carrying ocean or sea loot only!) etc.....
    Idea(s): Decay can be added to all of these items! Dive suit(s) (ARMOR only for water) would not only protect from hit, but could also determine how deep you can go, what water temp you can handle, imagine PVP at 200 feet where a shot could cause a dive suit decompression!

    TT I pick up a waterproof (L, WO) Mining Finder that uses sonar to track finds, a (L, WO) Magnesium Drill or Hydro driller for excavation!
    Idea(s): WO, waterproof item(s) can only be used in aquatic settings!

    I go to the auction and look for really special (UL, WO) gear: Closed Circuit Re-breather, Water scooter, Cyrene DiveRay 2 seat submersible submarine, Cyrene Mobile Drilling ship or platform (were players can work together to mine!).
    Idea(s): Re-breather would require specific en-matter or resource to make Mixed Gas! If the DEVS ever make a cool UL sub I desperately want one. In fact the loss of UL vehicles is such a bad idea for EU, makes me sad.

    LONG story short...... Why not invest some time into the oceans? Why not open a unique economy to Cyrene that provides deep sea fishing?, Deep sea exploration? Deep sea mining? Deep see UBER missions? Waterproof weapons, tools, armor ect...? This would add new content, skills, manufacturing, underwater estates!!!!!!!!

    I personally would love to have this type of adventure and exploration experience and I am willing to pay for it, within reason because I am not rich by any means. So, does this sound viable? Thoughts from fellow Cyrenenians?

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