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The Pendragon Chronicles

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Tony Pendragon, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Tony Pendragon
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    Tony Pendragon New Member

    Feb 13, 2012
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    Jaguar Spirit

    Hi Everyone,

    Thought I would just do a little writing on trying to get to Cyrene.
    I may have to adjust my storyline a little, but im trying to tie in my actual avatar, what im currently doing and the comming launch of Cyrene.

    Hope you like :)

    Pendragon Personal Log
    Date: Unknown
    Time: Unknown
    Location: Somewhere in deep space

    To anyone that's listening, I am writing a log of the events that I am witnessing.

    I left earths orbit 8 weeks ago aboard a merchant vessel headed for deep space, but I think you need to know my story so far.

    While I was on Earth I heard rumours of a distant planet that is filled with great dangers but also treasures that are waiting to be looted readily by anyone who dares. The man I talked to was an old Egyptian who worked at the old Museum of Egyptian Antiquities before it was shut down by the government for apparently lack of funds. He said that he was a researcher for one of the archaeologists who was studying some ancient papyrus scrolls that were found in the desert.
    The old man talked of strange hieroglyphs that resembled a scarab on top of the sun or a planet. They could not make out anything of them apart from what they thought were special co-ordinates, to where they had no idea. Apparently about two weeks after requesting help from the British museum the government shut the museum down and archived everything in it.

    I seriously had doubts of what he was saying but something bugged me about it. It bugged me so bad the day after the new solar year I hacked into the government space database to look for the coordinates and found nothing, but not nothing as in no planets but nothing as in no anything. The database brought up a screen showing a complete blank area of space so large that it had to be fake.
    So I asked myself, why would they redact an area of the space database so large it could fit several solar systems?
    They had to be hiding something, maybe a planet, maybe an entire solar system.
    And that’s when I decided to sell everything I owned and look for myself.

    Two weeks later all I had left was my Quad Wing, the clothes on my back and a little gold for trading.
    I booked a flight on a merchant vessel that would take me close to the area of space I saw on the database and set sail so to speak.

    After about six days at warp the ship reached my waypoint, a small space station outpost in the middle of nowhere.

    I used a little of my gold and brought some weapons cells for my quad, plotted in the course for the empty space and set off.

    Two weeks in the Quad and I could still see stars, which was very strange considering that I was supposed to be at the edge of the dead space. Makes you wonder what the hell the government were up to.

    About two days after reaching the edge of the dead space and about one day after running out of rations I finally saw a planet, and apparently an inhabited planet as there was a space station of unfamiliar design in orbit.

    As I got closer I saw huge ships and some familiar Quad Wings. I radioed to the closed Quad and after what seemed like years got to talk to an actual human. He advised me that the planet was nicknamed Rocktropia but when I descried the hieroglyphs that the old man talked about, he had no idea what I was talking about.
    I don’t think that this “Rocktropia” is the planet the old man was referring too but I had to stop and get supplies.

    So this is where I am at now. I have been on Rocktropia for a few weeks now and its is bizarre. It is reminiscent of the old earth I have seen in the archives but different. There are people here who are not people but some kind of android much more advanced than what I have seen before. I had heard of this kind of thing on Earth but never got to see one, I was always much too interested in the archives to really notice.

    So I am sending this diary out on every channel in hope that I find someone who knows about the mysterious hieroglyphs that the old man was talking about.

    If you have seen them or know of them or this strange planet, please send me a message. I really need to find this planet as I have almost run out of supplies again and I fear that I may not be able to locate more very easily.

    I will continue to send messages so that others may learn of my bizarre endeavours.

    Signing off

    Tony Pendragon

    Message sent
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  2. MindStar 9
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    MindStar 9 Hoping for the Best

    Nov 11, 2011
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    I always like knowing where people's minds travel within our universe, but I like even better when they share it with us ... nice little story you got going on there Tony. :thumbup:

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