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EntropiaLife.com "It's Alive!"


Event Promoter
Hey Folks!!

Those of you who used EntropiaTracker.com or the Tracker Client in the past have probably noticed we've been transitioning into the new site EntropiaLife.com now. As of today the old Tracker site is no longer operational. All of your past data, login info etc. is the same so you still have access to your accounts, your clients are still feeding into the database as before (with the occasional hiccup we know were not infallible ;) )

So lets have a look at what some of the significant features that have been added:

The new site is on a new server of its own now, and runs significantly faster than the old site, we hope you enjoy!

Friend Stream:
Whether you would like to use it like facebook for commenting and sharing videos, or just keeping current on all things EU, the Stream should be a useful feature for everyone.

After you have added your friends from EU as friends on EL you will see their globals pop up in your stream, you can comment on these, or just use to stay up to date on whats happening in EU when your offline. You can go into settings and adjust the size and frequency of updates to all globals so your stream can show every global all of your friends get, or just the big ones, and refresh the stream every hour or so, its very customizable.

The Friend stream will provide you with not only new from EntropiaLife but from many other forums as well, also providing you a link to that forum/websites article. This way you can easily see news from many forums as they come out easily in your stream.

If one of your friends registers for an event, it will show up in their friends stream with an easy access link to the event. So if you're not the kind of person that likes to go digging for things, the stream can keep you notified of new events as well as other features your friends may be using.

Third Party Applications:
We have developed the new site to allow third party applications. You can see some there now such as Various Entropian Radio stations, a flight scheduler application, and a BIG Industries application. This system is designed to allow anyone who has a good idea to develop their tool or idea as an application on EntropiaLife.com to allow the entire userbase of EL to try them out, giving people that have great ideas an opportunity to give the rest of us easy access to them!!

The groups feature will allow you to utilize all of the features of the primary Friend Stream in a private or specific content oriented manner, as will independent society streams. This feature is in its infancy, however should prove to be an easy to use tool for those that would like to maximize its potential for private conversations, shops, services and more!

Mining Maps:
A "Google Style" mapping system to search and identify Minerals all over Entropia Universe, this has all been custom coded to cater exactly to the EU community (no google api pulled ;) )

User Controlled Advertisement System:
We've implemented 2 types of advertisement systems that any user can utilize to promote their Services or Events. Simple text ad's that provide a link to appropriate content, or the larger Banner depending on your budget.

The new site is currently being formatted to accept multiple language packs as they are written, making the site even easier to use for folks that may not wish to enjoy the site in English :)

All of the previous tables and technical information that you received from Tracker is still available (some being remodeled currently but rest assured you will not loose the features you had on the old tracker). You now have more than 1 man behind the curtain as well, so development and getting assistance on your filed support cases should be a bit easier now :)

We are of course very open to suggestions, and after we have finished some of the partial finished aspects of the site we will always have an eye out to make it even more user friendly!! So feel free to give us your suggestions either through the support system (on Entropia Life), via PM, or in this thread!! Thank you everyone who has helped us debug and fine tune the site so far, and for all the wonderful ideas, we look forward to making this community tool everything you could want - and more!

In general:
Everything on the site has been custom coded. This means that we are NOT using Google, Facebook, Twitter or other system to create the site.

PS: Remember to download and run the client if you are not already, especially for newer planets to ensure info is pulled into the database with the utmost accuracy!

Shaun Klein aka Blast
Kasper Wittrup aka Starfinder


Event Promoter
Special note to the people of Cyrene, we are currently trying to acquire 30 days of statistics for Cyrene before its fully implemented on the new site, so please be sure to run the tracker client so these statistics are accurate :D


Fate Thanatos Themis
how many running clients do u need to register globals? Not all mine, or rather just few got its way to stats on my profile page, but i got tracker on always.



Event Promoter
how many running clients do u need to register globals? Not all mine, or rather just few got its way to stats on my profile page, but i got tracker on always.

We require 5 active clients at any given time to ensure the validity of any given global, where this may be frustrating for Cyrene folks as the number of active clients fluctuates in and out of the required quota, we need to ensure that our data is accurate as to provide you and everyone else with the most reliable data possible.

Thank you for running the client, I don't imagine this will be an issue for too long as team Cyrene and folks like yourself are helping us to grow the active client base on planet Cyrene.