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the grand opening

Discussion in 'Community' started by lupulcelrau, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    NO slips whatsoever Hot Shot lol.gif ... so don't be starting no stinkin' rumors! :nana:

    *runs to call CNN source to block incoming calls from OZ ... no, I'm not talking about Australia* :rolleyes:

    Will there be sweating? :dunno: :p

    Just know, that nothing has been revealed other than what Ed intends to have revealed, and that comes either through himself, Kris, Lykke, or yours truly.

    While Lykke reveals cool things here at the forum, and answers your questions as our Community Manager (and something she will also do in-game), my reveals are done basically through my writing, which is why I always encourage people to read the current Zekkonian series that can be found in the Media section under the "Covert Operations Storytelling" link. I have my official writing as well, but that's under wraps right now.

    A lot has been revealed about Cyrene already through several means, but I know that everyone is waiting on the ONE big reveal that announces the launch date. However, Ed will reveal that news when he's able to. ;)

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